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Originally Posted by b1aze View Post
If you're going to jump onto arguably the biggest forum for these cars and make a "warning!" type thread like this about a wheel manufacturer who's produced more wheels for euro cars than almost any other company, you're gonna catch some heat for it. Especially since your "solution" isn't one that actually makes sense.

So again, why do YOU think increasing tread width by 10mm solved your issue? I'm curious.
Not sure. What I can say, is they DID hold air if the pressure was increased way higher than what you'd run them at. Only once you brought it back down to factory spec did they start leaking. Also, the rears were much more severe than the front. It was mainly the rears that were giving me serious problems, they'd always come down to around 25 psi.

Personally, I've never heard of VMR until I got these. I've had forgestars, volks, BBS, advans and a few others and never had this issue.