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Originally Posted by kleach18 View Post
Thanks Dackelone, I have a three day weekend next weekend. I'll shop around a bit. Now its time to buy a JB4!
Kleach you will enjoy your jb4. I just installed mine this weekend on my 2013 n55 135 and the difference is awesome. Most people say night and day. For me not so much because I'm not constantly heavy on the throttle even when it was stock. But definately noticeable especially if you are a person whose foot is in it all the time. Makes turbo spool much more audible. Also the gauge features like boost fuel/air ratio and gauge sweep at startup is pretty cool. I only tried map 1 as that's what the website says if you don't have any more mods. Having my dp installed as we speak an then ill try map 2 sense the website says its good if you have dp or meth. Install was very easy all so. Took me 45min because I was being careful but could easily be done in 30min.

And not to get in a pissing match over where the roads are worse but they aren't much better here in Spain. I'd rather go back to Germany for driving anyway. And at least the Germans care about their cars and can park very well in small spaces. These people just don't give a damn and will bump your shit all day long. I curbed my right rear wherl last week ever so slightly on a narrow ass 1 way road and I was sooooooo mad I could spit. Then I was thankful because it wasn't my alufelgen sf71s that I have on order right now. If it had been I might have crapped my pants while driving lol. Take a deep breath man and just be Vigilant. It will be ok