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Originally Posted by kleach18 View Post
I can't wait to get mine on my car. I still want a Cobb AP but with the added benefits of the JB4 I might just stick with it. I guess its depending on if any problems start once I put more miles on my car. I hope they come up with a Cobb for our 2013 soon. Not holding my breath, hence why I'm buying a JB4 to hold me over.

Bmwbreed, let me know what kind of difference the DP makes. Is your car stock otherwise, exhaust? I was thinking about ordering at least a drop in k&n the same time I drop the jb4 in.
Yes it's stock otherwise as far as power mods. Several cosmetic things but that dosent matter. I had the BMS intake on it. It sounded really cool the first week. Then I got kind of tired of hearing the blow off/diverter valve all the time. The intake makes it very audible and it started to annoy me actually. So I took it back off. So it will just be the jb4 and the dp. I have debated back and forth about what exhaust to get. Once I decided I definately was doing the dp I wanted to wait to hear the difference and how much louder this will make it before I decided on a peticular exhaust. I like tone more than volume and I didn't want to get an exhaust first and then after the dp it's too much. Ill keep you posted on the difference and will take a couple vids of startup and revs