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How To Tell If Wastegates Are Rattling?

Hi Guys,

I think my wastegates have begun to rattle, but I'm not sure as it sounds somewhat like an exhaust leak on idle. Not to mention the piece of shit aFe downpipe I have on there hits my motor mount to make things worse () The sound is audible on idle and on deceleration, also slightly on light acceleration. Debating on whether to put the stock pipes back on and take it to the dealer or toss the aFe downpipes for a pipe that actually fits the car. If it matters I have 54k on the car now, and I put about 25k on it within the course of the last year.

Offtopic - I contacted aFe about these pipes after I was told by 2 SA's and Fred at Evolution Racewerks that the pipes are junk and are hitting my chassis and they pretty much told me to pound rocks, definiely not a company I plan to support anymore.