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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
The horn is useless? My tech would have told me if there was an issue with that. I'll check it out this week when I pick her up. I never press my horn anyway though, I usually only use my brights if there's something wrong.

About the side indicators, it might be the same as using alternative Angel Eye Halos where you need to fool the car into thinking that its the same current with a black box. The other option is to use 1M coding... I have asked my SA if that'd be possible in our cars, I dont know if he was seriously looking into it though...
Yeah my horn sounds like a clown car horn so when I went back to LT this weekend to fix my intercooler, I asked them wtf was up. He said he had to relocate it and I'm lucky it even works haha. I may just get rid of it and install my old siren/blow horn I had in my old car.

Sorry guys I've been so lazy getting everything fixed. I've been busy but I'm making a list now of everything I need to finish.

As far as coding, that shouldn't be too hard. I have to go to LT again next weekend to raise my car a few notches so I'll see what they have to say about that.