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Originally Posted by John_01 View Post
I suggest getting 225/40 front, 245/35 rear, then get M3 front upper+lower arms for extra camber. Dinan camber plates are another alternative for a nice street setup. If you want to reduce understeer, a little negative camber works great!

Definitely get the performance suspension from the factory. I think you will love it (after getting rid of the runflat tires).
Thanks for the advice. For starters, I'm going to keep the setup fairly "factory" with the addition of the Performance Suspension as part of the order -- I'm getting a quote from my dealer now. If that's no sufficient for some reason (I think it will be for my needs), I'll keep modding.

I've decided that the ZED package doesn't make sense for me. The BMW wheels that come with the package are probably quite heavy, so I'm going aftermarket, likely Apex Aero 7 which look great to me and are quite light.

I'm still on the fence about square or staggered. I understand that BMW always defaults to staggered setups when sports packages/suspensions are added, but I just don't see the point of a staggered setup on a 128i and I'd prefer to be able to rotate my tires. 18x8 and 225/40-18 all around seems like enough tire for a BMW, and I believe it will provide better balance and turn-in.

I see you have a 135i, so it makes perfect sense to me why you'd want the wider tires in the rear for more traction, but I'm struggling to see the value in a 128i. Then again, I feel like I'm bucking the trend.