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Great to hear its running better with the new maps dude.

Can anyone chime in on my issue (I'm not entirely sure it is an issue though!)

I had a procede with the latest maps installed by adrian in oct 2012, then a few months later i had a ams fmic (with custom advan 3" piping up to the active autowerke cp) and ar dp's installed. The car really hauled a lot harder from any revs after this, but lately I don't feel as though it has as much oomph in 2nd gear 3krpm +. The car is running fine, with no codes etc could this just be a placebo effect that I'm used to the extra power and its no longer quite as pronounced, or could it be that the ecu has had more time to adjust and learn with detrimental affects on power?

I'm a total noob with the procede so i haven't done any logs whatsoever...

Hopefully Pete gets that advan dyno day happening shortly so i can chuck it up and see what gains the fmic & DP's have had (it ran about 224kw with the procede only)