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Originally Posted by simianspeedster View Post
I'm still on the fence about square or staggered. I understand that BMW always defaults to staggered setups when sports packages/suspensions are added, but I just don't see the point of a staggered setup on a 128i and I'd prefer to be able to rotate my tires. 18x8 and 225/40-18 all around seems like enough tire for a BMW, and I believe it will provide better balance and turn-in.

I see you have a 135i, so it makes perfect sense to me why you'd want the wider tires in the rear for more traction, but I'm struggling to see the value in a 128i. Then again, I feel like I'm bucking the trend.
With standard wheel alignment you will probably be happy with a set of 225/40 extreme performance tires all around and save some weight too. With lightweight aftermarket wheels it seems sensible and practical for street use. You can still adjust the camber within normal limits to get a fraction of a degree more on the front. Non-staggered tires are popular for the track, but you better use some caution if you do as the 1 series sometimes lacks stability on the rear end when not using DSC.

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