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Hey guys,

No Australian is a potential customer... unless you are running a LHD car. The ST kit does not support RHD, and there is currently no intention to develop this. Peter/Advan are developing something, and I wish them all the best with that and will do my best to support them in doing that. I never intend to ever sell a ST kit myself.

So my coming to this thread was merely to pull up some guys spreading misinformation. These guys are simply regurgitating info from other forums. The people spreading this information have never layed eyes on a ST. They have never driven one or spoken to someone who has, and if they have spoken to someone they are not expressing the views of that person. They are twisting the truth to suit their goals. Spreading rumors, and speculating in an attempt to discredit a company they have an issue with.

Anyone who relentlessly pursues proof of things is not a potential customer. Whatever we provide, will get picked to pieces. We are not interested in going down that path of an endless argument over the validity of data. We know our genuine customers for this product, and we will provide data to them as required.

As I am not selling these kits, I have no intention of providing information beyond what the actual sellers of this kit provide This info is available in the E90 general forum. If they choose to provide more information that is up to them. I know more than is public on the ST kit. I have been intimately involved in the development of the kit, and I know the issues and the solutions we have done. But that is our IP and if Vishnu USA decides to release that, it is their choice... not mine.

As it stands at this moment, the Vishnu/FFTEC ST kit is the only kit that has significant results (more than a video of a run through gears at low boost). Those significant results include basically all the N54 records (I am not sure if Hotrod did a better trap speed with NOS than out no-NOS ST). It may not be the bees knees.... but it is the only ST doing anything worthwhile at the current time. Perhaps that will change in the future. Time will tell.

Flinchy.... you are a keyboard warrior. You do a bit of research on the net, and then jump all over this like you are the expert. Personally, I am the sort of person who only acts like an expert if I believe I have some real life experience on the subject. If I give my opinions on meth, or a tune or whatever, it is because I have spent time with a car on a dyno building up my knowledge... not because I found a few forums with a few opinions and decided I was an expert based on that. I am pretty sure that when it comes to tuning cars, I qualify as an expert... on BMWs and plenty of other cars... and it is not because I learn lots on forums. It is from my own hands on experience working on cars and learning from many tuning experts in many workshops including Advan.