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Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post
Hey guys,

No Australian is a potential customer... unless you are running a LHD car. The ST kit does not support RHD, and there is currently no intention to develop this. Peter/Advan are developing something, and I wish them all the best with that and will do my best to support them in doing that. I never intend to ever sell a ST kit myself.
why is that?

same block, same ECU, same everything except for the steering rack, which a custom downpipe (assuming they took the 'easy' route straight( would work around nicely).. ?

Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post
Flinchy.... you are a keyboard warrior. You do a bit of research on the net, and then jump all over this like you are the expert. Personally, I am the sort of person who only acts like an expert if I believe I have some real life experience on the subject. If I give my opinions on meth, or a tune or whatever, it is because I have spent time with a car on a dyno building up my knowledge... not because I found a few forums with a few opinions and decided I was an expert based on that. I am pretty sure that when it comes to tuning cars, I qualify as an expert... on BMWs and plenty of other cars... and it is not because I learn lots on forums. It is from my own hands on experience working on cars and learning from many tuning experts in many workshops including Advan.

haha, ok

i wasn't going to post this

Originally Posted by GeorgiaTech335Coupe View Post
So track wasn't what I had hoped for. I had a couple issues (timing would zero out in 4th if I used NLS or if I shifted too quickly). Ran a little bit of race gas so I could hot lap (got there late, 1:30), but left the boost level at what I daily drive at ~23-24psi to get a feel of what it could do in the street setup.

Bottom line:
I ran 12.0x at 124.89 mph.

Needless to say I was disappointed. I think a big factor in this is my gearing. 4th gear is just too long. At 125mph, 4th gear is under 6000rpm. I think I see a 3.46 rear end with LSD in the very near future.

My drag radials are very, very bald so that made it tough to get out the hole. I have new ones coming in Thursday. I'm also going to get a dedicated wheel setup for the strip eventually.

I'm not sure how others were running. My friend who has a 730whp 2013 GT500 was trapping around ~129mph. He was happy he finally broke 10s though.

Last, my VBOX was reading usually 0.3s slower than my slip. On one of my 12.0x runs, it read 12.2. MPH was just about always 1mph faster (expected). I really think the timing blocks at PBIR are not setup correctly. My 60' times seem a lot better than how they feel from experience...and I have done probably 400 passes in this car. I datalogged all my runs, I'll post up some of those as well as the slips. I wrote the VBOX time and mph on each slip as well so I wouldn't forget the discrepancy. Unfortunately, I couldn't confirm with someone else who had a VBOX if there's was showing the same discrepancies as mine. Maybe my VBOX could be wrong? I don't know, but if I had to guess I'd say it wasn't and that PBIR has inflated times (or deflated? cause they are lower?).
a few forums with a few opinions being the most knowledgable groups of people in the entire N54 world, where at most, two of the people there alone would have at least as much, if not more experience on the N54 than every single person on the entirety of Bimmerpost

add to that, every single customer of vishnus ST kit has, so far, nothing but 'it'll get better' to say about it, and at worst, has sold up... as far as has been reported, at least (yes there could be people running amazingly that just don't say anything either way)

your arguments (or lack thereof) is embarassing, and your continued profession that the products you're associated with are the number one choice (in one case being the only choice), while understandable (you'd get fired), is a detriment to the N54 community at large.

I may not know everything, i may not be a professional mechanic, and my hands on N54 experience may only be stripping an engine bare and (soon to be) putting it back together (), but i know a lot of shit, i have the combined knowledge of HUNDREDS of tuners, workshops, mechanics, consumers, reviews and much much more, at very ready disposal... i'm not an idiot, and i usually know when i'm right and when i'm wrong about something

and i know i'm right when i say 'if the vishnu ST kit was offered in RHD fitment (for whatever reason it isn't) it would not even remotely be an option for very very many reasons'... i'm not saying this will always be my opinion, i'm not saying the product is inherently bad or flawed, I wholly hope that development continues forwards for this product, as more choice is a good thing. but it's not there yet, it's not perfect, you can't just go out, buy it, get it fitted and tuned and have it work... you can't even do the above, do some troubleshooting and upgrading, and have it work.

just because armaspeed made the only supercharger kit for the N52, and for the N52 it held (holds?) every record.. that doesn't make it good.

you may well be an EXCELLENT mechanic, heck i trust MrBlonde saying you are, i know he doesn't (seem to?) particularly like me, but he knows stuff, but you are biased towards particular products on this platform, and that's a bad thing for this discussion.

i know the only 'working' other turbo upgrade is RB's... and vishnu's ST.. arguably works too, but soon this argument will be totally moot for obvious reasons.

and if all you can do is call me a keyboard warrior, i'm wrong about everything, and i can't do anything to change that? well lets let my build do the talking for my 'lack of expertise' ?

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