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Exhaust Flange Seal Separated Causing A Leak And Faults

ok on my 3 hour trip in the first 45 mins my service engine soon light came. i took the car to autozone and they ran some test on it and they told me it was something to do with the exhaust. so after i got back from my trip i scheduled a appoitment at the bmw dealership. they ran test and came back saying the exhaust flange seal separated causing a leak and efficiency faults!! i explained to my advisor that this didnt start to happen until i got my rims painted and he told me the last time i had my car there that they didnt notice the prob and that he think someone might have been messing with exhaust or something but wasnt for sure.. he said this prob just dont happen everyday and someone has to untighten the screws there or something like that! this whole situation is just weird if the rim shop would do something like that.. and on top of that my rims are chipping already i guess cause of the salt on the roads when i went back home this SUCKS!!! what should i do??!! i already paid for the exhaust but what about the rims now??!