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Originally Posted by Mr Kleen View Post
DP on an N55 with otherwise stock exhaust is loud at start up. Really loud IMHO.
Could not agree with you more. It sure was. Sounded like I had just woke up my bitchy x wife haha lol. But seriously on cold start it is rather loud. There is also more rasp now which I am not really a fan of but it mostly just there when its cold. Definately makes the turbo spool and wind down whistle much more audible through the exhaust. Like I stated in earlier post the diff from stock to jb4 was nice and noticeable. But that combined with new dp equals just WOW I was blown away. It's just like a burst of acceleration down low now and eliminates the lag. A good way to describe it is like if we had a sport mode option like the dct that amps the throttle response so it's that much quicker when you press it. Kleach i know you're a 6 speed guy too and I've always been kind of jealous we dont have a sport mode option. They could have done it as the e46 m3 six speed had the sport mode button that did the same thing and so do f30 6 speed 335. But that's a good way to compare the difference in throttle response from the dp install. Will post vids of startup soon