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Originally Posted by JamJay View Post
Just noticed the M colours on your grille, I like it. What paint did you use?
They were just tape stripes that I used - I just happened to have the ///M colours in them.

By the way, do you have a donut spare or a fix-a-tire can?
Not yet, but I am getting an inflation kit just in-case. Have already had one puncture while on the 18's and lucky I had a friend who wasn't using his 1er and lent me his wheel for the weekend haha.

By the way, how did you get rid of the amber from your headlights? Did you get a whole new housing? I'm worried about doing that because I have the adaptive ones and can't seem to find a viable solution. Thanks!
All aus-delivered 135i's come with no amber in the headlights I believe. So what you see is actually stock.

Tell me more about these Camber Plates...
They are SouthernBM camber plates - non-adjutable, however, you do have a choice of two settings, which you set before the plates go on the car. If you're using stock suspension components, I believe the first setting gives you about -1.3* camber and the second setting gives you -2*. However, if you're using ///M suspension parts (control arms, etc) then you are likely to end with with more camber. I currently have -2.5* up front and -2.2* at rear. Andrew at SouthernBM was very helpful, have a chat to him if you're interested in these. BUT a word of advice, get a suspension company who really knows what they're doing, else they can install them the wrong way and end up with -4.0* camber... I know because I did. Had to take it back for a re-install. Sounds like such a simple thing to install, but yes... they're out there... haha.

No, I mean the wheels and tires setup. What offset do you use? Did you rub using that setup?
Front is ET 45, and rear is ET 50. Because I am lowered on Eibach Pro-kits they rubbed a tad, had the rear fenders mildly rolled and it's all gone now.