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Originally Posted by jippii ensio View Post
Oh, I know him. He's cool. I bet he will beat Shiv's record when his new DRs arrive. The car should get into low tens based on the dyno.
Yeah, not saying he's not a nice guy, he posts a fair bit and doesn't seem to BS much or give lame excuses, he comes straight up and says 'yea it's still not working right'

dyno? what was the result again? it misfired at high RPM until a couple of weeks ago? plus... if i'm thinking of the right car, it's around the 550-560whp mark or thereabouts?.. where shiv's was 630~WHP with zero issues

trap speed being a representation of horsepower.. it trapped 124.8 as it's fastest run, it's NOWHERE NEAR a 10 at that trap.. i guess you could equate that to the 'timing would zero out in 4th if I used NLS or if I shifted too quickly' issue if it was THAT bad.

i hope he gets at least a low-mid-11 with the new DR's.. i bet money on not cracking 10's though

and that was race gas on 23-24psi as per the post i quoted.

Originally Posted by nafoo View Post
How is he going to be Shiv's time with JUST DRs? He still doesn't have 3.46 gearing to make up for the lack of low-end power.

Remember, Shiv cut a 1.5 60' to get his record. I don't see any Vishnu customer getting anywhere near that any time soon.
mmhm he even said (in the post i quoted) that the stock gearing was hindering him with the ST's power curve and wants 3.46 to run a great time... would DEFINITELY help keep the revs to the far right where power is.