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Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post
So can anyone show me a single turbo that is not Vishnu/FFTEC trapping over 120MPH? If any of you have any experience in drag racing, you would know that the trap speed is a better indicator of the engine performance than the ET which is a better indication of drivetrain launch capability. My WRX does 11.06 @124MPH with ~1.6 60 foot. 125+ MPH can get 10s with great launch. When this car is fully optimized it will be trapping 130+. Not many cars can trap 130 with a bolt on kit that you just fit and run. You fit the kit, and then you optimize and test and eventually you get there. Eventually you get the power and suspension/tyres right and you get a 10.
if we're talking about traps, how about twins that trap over 120? there's a number of them?

i know the current offerings aren't capable of 130's, but you did ask about 120, and i'm not sure why that has to be single exclusive... actually scrap that, seems there's a JB powered N54 trapping 132 >_>.. i believe it WAS with juice though

Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post
I never said the Vishnu kit was the ultimate kit that will ever be produced. But as it stands now, it is the only kit that has done anything significant, and I think by the time the other options solve all the issues, it may be quite some time before anything else comes at a level to challenge it. Time will tell.
can't argue with that, they are of course the only current option..

Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post
As for RHD.... if I could get 10 customers, I would try and arrange it. But for a few customers the development time and support would not be worth it. Advan are doing this, so I suggest RHD guys see them for their large frame turbo option.
what exactly? development time to make a new downpipe? i really have no idea what the major hurdle is? i know with the Vargas III's it's IS just their downpipe placement..

the engine bays of RHD and LHD N54's as far as i'm aware are 100% completely identical other than the RHD having the steering rack right where you want to put the DP's.. at $10k a kit, and considering the low volume that have sold to date, the bigger market might be a good idea?

support, that's a fair call i guess. if there's no one local.

Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post
Flinchy, you really know nothing about me, and I nothing about you. I can say that I was working on N54s well before any or your experts that you consult. I have been involved in solving all the issues we have ever had at Vishnu. I am not a mechanic. What I can see about you is that you love to trawl for biased opinions and then regurgitate them as the one and only truth and claim you are an expert. Hence why I consider you a keyboard warrior. That is great you stripped an engine. By the time you complete your build you should have some good knowledge, but it is early days now, and all your knowledge is internet research. When you actually start doing real world testing you will learn a lot.
You've been working on N54's before they were released? i'm talking about guys like terry (he says hi by the way), dzenno, and all the other mechanics etc. that are active in the community.. you're actually saying you have more experience than terry, who made the JB from the ground up, or have tuned more than dzenno (who's tuned the current most powerful twin turbo too)? woah.

i never claimed to be an expert, but conversely you claim that i know nothing at all.. and as such appear to claim to be the guru

want to have a crack and doing this swap for me? i'll give you absolutely no information on it though.

well.. no... putting it back together is (minus the stuff i'm changing) just the same process in reverse... i'm pretty familiar with everything on it so far...

Gathering first hand information by myself has a fraction of the value of 10,20, more people's worth of information.. which is all gathered from real world situations, more than i could ever possibly experience myself... with this assistance, i already know exactly what has to be done to get it running, what parts i need, what parts need to be custom made up (assuming the electronics aren't fried or someting hah).. again NO I AM NOT AN EXPERT.. but if i don't know everything possible pertaining to my situation and build, i should sell it right now because it's never going to work, because no one else bloody knows (and the cost balloons due to other people having to do all the work at least hah).

No, i haven't done... say bench testing of the fuel pumps... but other people have, and i have that information

no, i didn't discover that the DMFW triggers misfire detection at high loads.. but i know that now
no i didn't discover that the stock charge pipe blows off at moderate boost, or PCV stuff, or wastegate rattle cause or all of the major tuning work to date (and no, i probably will never have a 100% in depth knowledge of the DME, becuse it's something i don't need..... i do have a pretty solid idea of the connector pinouts, which kinda comes with pulling apart all the wiring lol)
... companies like ER/stett/CP-E/customers etc. have done all the RnD on charge pipes/oil coolers/Intercoolers, i just have to look at whitepapers, datalogs, dynos, work out what suits my goals and go from there... only if i find something lacking, will i need to take that next step.

but i know all of that stuff, because of the work of other people... If all of this is untrue, and invalid... well that's idiotic, we know more today than our ancestors, because we learn from them, we don't have to work out the theory of relativity or thermodynamic laws, because other people have done it for us, and that doesn't make us (as a society) any less knowledgeable.. regardless of the fact they were hyper-intelligentand in-fact more knowledgeable lol...

Just because you have been involved in it from the start, doesn't mean you know more specific things... things that are freely available now-common-knowledge

You'll likely discover and solve more things than i will, due to the nature of your work.. but that's not relevant to the right now.

i do not trawl for biased opinions, like yours for example, i'd rather ignore it because it has no balance.. though ill take it on board for existing, for sure.

besides, keyboard warrior seems to imply i wouldn't be talking like this in real life... hahaahahahaha lets try that then.

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