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Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post

It this "correct things as you see them" that bothers me. Just because you see things in a certain way does not mean that you actually know what you talking about.

Anyway, I am done with arguing with Flinchy. I should have known better. I keep thinking he must know this and that about the N54 community and its history..... and get proven wrong.
If i have facts, and i can show these facts, and cite multiple sources, i therefore know what i am talking about... which i have done, in this thread. i mean, i shouldn't have to because most of it is well known and obvious, but apparently i have to for some people..... you have not cited one single source or fact, everything you have posted has come off the top of your head.. and that's okay, because you know everything possible N54 related.

every single post i made i made sure to check every information source i had first to look less foolish...

ohhh i see why we don't get along.. you're right because you're right and nothing can ever change that, i have no idea how i didn't see that earlier, i know a lot of people like you

well, have fun with that.. sorry no one can ever make you see anything differently.

proven wrong, by someone who works for the company he's doing the proving for

Originally Posted by adrian@vishnu View Post
I should have done that pages ago.

ED: note that i don't actually like arguments like this, they frustrate the hell out of me, i cannot stand people who won't listen to cold hard facts when presented to them.. the worst kind of person.

SO i have learnt (well, i already knew this but lets go with it)

Positive facts about the Vishnu/FFtec ST kit:
- It was the first ST kit available
- It holds the world record N54 1/4 time and dyno, on the development car.

What you should have learnt and accepted: everything else.

Originally Posted by Jeef Beef View Post
This discussion actually brings more info than I could've ever hoped for. I don't doubt Adrian one bit in his abilities and knowledge, but flinchy's points have merit and aren't simply the ramblings of a 'keyboard warrior.'

Flinchy's views (which aren't baseless as claimed, he's doing the best he can in terms of available info) are probably held by many more people who have no knowledge of the 'inside info' you just gave us Adrian. Isn't it better this way where you can put down any misconceptions?
I'm opinionated, and that rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but i'm not in the game of being proven wrong easily... and i'll say again, i'm quite sure adrian is an excellent mechanic, and i'd trust my car to him surely.

bolded the important part though

that is what people who have or are a part of businesses of this type, need to understand.

take all the companies developing stuff right now. every flaw, delay, fault, anything good or bad, it's out in public view, If you have a poor product, it does not deserve to be sold.. you are held accountable to your potential customers.. vishnu hasn't even considered doing this.

rumours, even false ones, can destroy a business. and it's no fault but their own.

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