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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
No, i'm saying that even THEY cannot replicate their own work on a customer car

Heck, i didn't really say most of that.. Dzenno making 554rwhp and 63x tq on rb's was much much more impressive to me. Showed what headwork and slight cr lowering does for gains. Much better than changing to a single.

The reasons for my negativity are thoroughly explained in this thread.

Don't worry, already the aim.
It would be easy for them to replicate it on any car. Just put the same stuff in that they already have. Better track prep and lower ambient temps and they can even beat their own record. Did Dzenno replicate his records in a customer's car? No, he didn't. What's the point for him doing so, or Vishnu for that matter. There is no black magic involved. With the same mods the power is the same.