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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
Ask adrian maybe?

They had the fuel pump long before release (obviously), likely have something in testing that's a further upgrade..

They inadvertently fixed the misfire by already having an smfw

Of course they have unreleased tunes in test

Who knows what else besides possibly adrian...

It's pretty obvious that the development car is going to have things customer cars aren't, it's a development car.. Think for yourself for a minute? Some logic?

I mean.. It's like saying it didn't have the higher versions of procede before the public, or even the ST kit itself..

If it didn't have unreleased stuff, the stuff they have already released.. Well.. Wouldn't exist!

Even back before lpfp upgrades and when it was running rb's with more power than most people, it was using TONS of meth through huge nozzles.. Took a long time to learn that, shiv is very tight lipped to the public.
Ah, you don't know and you were just speculating. You post some speculation from the internet and fill in the gaps by posting your own even more biased speculation.