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Originally Posted by FDM68 View Post
I was just looking there myself. Never done autocross either. I'll put some thought into going let me know if your up to it.
Originally Posted by iStig View Post
I actually got the car out of the dealership maybe three weeks ago.
-When i got home from deployment, my control unit to my navi and entertainment system was dead, it just kept rebooting itself

long story short, i am out of warranty and was about to pay 2500 bucks. one call to BMW of NA got a representative looking at my case and them covering more than half of it based on good will!

as far as my turbos go: it still rattles like hell, but they claim nothing is wrong

What is everyone up to these days?
I have never done autocross myself, but I heard its a lot of fun. For first timer's, i think the entry fee is only $20. I am definitely down for it and I hope to see you guys out there.

iStig, i hope you can come out to the autocross event as well.
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