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Originally Posted by bazil769 View Post
Wow!Thank you so much for making that so clear to me. With the eBay Depo's are they just plug? and play do i have to do any coding? Will i get any errors? How bright are these xenon's vs the Lux V3? Are my halo's adaptive? i have put them on the adaptive setting #3 and moved my steering wheel but my light does not move, i can only see it pointed to the passenger side when i drive.
So depos are a bit confusing, let me explain.

Depos by default come with halogen low-beam lighting(at that low price). However, the depos do support HID low lights as they have the housing for it. Normally, its around $150 more if you want to upgrade to HIDs.

Depos with just halogen are 100% plug and play. Depos with the HID are "plug and play" but it has mostly been a hit or miss. Most sellers sell a module that get rid of any error codes. It mostly depends on who you buy from, the type of HID, and your car.

Next, i believe the LUX V3 are not low/high beam lights. LUX V3 are only for the angel eyes. I know on the original depos(V1) they had 4 seperate bulbs for angel eyes that people have changed for white LED versions that are brighter. The depo that I linked above are V2, a newer version, that supposedly already has white LED angel eyes(the ones on V1 were yellow and dull).

But, nobody has bought the V2 as they just came out so I cannot say how bright they are.

Your car has no halos, and no adaptive lighting. The depos are not adaptive in the sense that when you turn the light turns with them. I believe at this time only the OEM BMW xenons do.

If you go to the cosmetic section of the forums and search depos, you will find there are many long threads that discuss this in more detail. 631twentyeighteye beat me above ^_^
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