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Originally Posted by FRNTHVY
Originally Posted by RiefferD View Post
Then you both are idiots, not every car is made for handleing....Dude everytime u post, u come on flaming other peoples car. He has the same unorginal vmr's that you have on your aw 1'er. And because he has coilovers, he can give himself the same 'suv' ride that you seem to love.... If you don't like his ride move on.
You are right I am sure BMW, the Ultimate Diving Machine, was not meant to actually drive or handle well. They are poorly designed cars with improper engine placement. I am also sure that tire manufacturers provide rim width tolerances for their tires for the fun of it and there is absolutely no engineering behind it. I am also willing to bet that if you called a tire company and asked them if it is safe to stretch their tires beyond their recommendations they would say sure and they would probably be willing to stand behind the tire warranty.

I guess you are right, I am an idiot along with BMW and every tire company out there.
Look man simple as this i built this car with no fuck given it scrapes its on 5k wheels with stretched tires and you know what i dont care simple as that lol if i hit a curb because my tires have no protection then i should probly sell my car because only girls hit curbs and yes you have to be careful of pothole but arent you supposed to be careful of those anyway lmao? What im saying is if your going to keep being a bmw purist and not respecting a little individuality then you can kindly fuck off and troll some other post
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