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Originally Posted by Stohlen View Post
So what you're saying is as long as you avoid the danger you're fine. What happens when you don't see a pot hole, or something falls off the back of a truck and you have to swerve aggressively to avoid it, or someone pulls out into an intersection when you're going 50 mph through it and your before you can even think you violently throw the wheel to get around it, but instead of being able to correct it, you're tires lose grip and you skid into a light pole, oncoming traffic, curb, etc. Its insane to think you can just avoid all danger and be okay. Not only are you putting yourself and risk, but others too. Yes I'm taking this to extremes, but these are things people don't think about when making modifications like this.

I'm glad someone shares my opinion.
Dude what are you talking about? That's just to many 'what if's'. What if a camel bit your 'key board' fingers? If you're that worried about safety, go buy a volvo, and put a cage in it. Anywho, if a tire exploding is your concern, why didn't you keep your run flats? Tires are built with a tolerance. If you purchase and have it installed at a reputable dealer, they will refuse to install the tire because it puts them at risk....He opted for an agressive offset so that he could have a lip. You opted for a copy cat aw 1'er because you were inspired by the pictures in the owners manuel....You don't like the cage; good now you know not to buy one. Now run along.......
Thats whats good about this site though, you try it so that I know not to....