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Originally Posted by Stohlen
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Someone said it better and I don't feel like typing an essay. From another forum:
I don't believe you fully understand what you just copied and pasted, and please don't pretend like you could have wrote the same thing.

Sidewall flex is very important as I said before, but this author failed to mention the importance of the inner sidewall flex and while he just implied it. The inner sidewall must flex in the towards the outside of the wheel and a tire stretched heavily doesn't allow for this. When race cars "stretch" their tires, we're talking about a 5mm undersized tire, not a 30 mm undersized one like tuner's define stretched.
LOL. Now we're arguing semantics. I never said running a 30mm less than flush tire would be safe, I said in most instances tire stretch is not an issue. You're starting to argue your point with absolute extremes and frankly its getting mundane.

As for your comment on my ability to understand or write the above quote is irrelevant - what's relevant is that you still need to take that dildo out of your ass, its distracting your attention from the fact that there is no safety issue here and no one gives 1 fuck what you think. Start a blog if you feel like preaching.
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