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Originally Posted by dj.tonto View Post
sorry to dig up quite an old thread. i'm on the northern beaches looking for a place to get a dent pulled and scratch done from the front bar. TWD you able to send me the details of those contacts? cheers
I actually signed up with a company called The SMART Guys. They have a membership style, kind of like insurance (but they call it warranty). It cost $595 for a 3 year membership. Everytime you get a bump, dent, scrape, curb rash etc you can make a claim for each one which costs $50 and they'll come to your house, work wherever to fix it. You get unlimited claims within the 'warranty' period.

I had a rear bumper scrape fixed which had gouged deep through the paint and into the plastic. He came to my work, sanded it down and repainted it.

The only issue is that it was really windy on that day so there's speckling in the clear and some dust in the paint job. They have a warranty on their work though so I can get it redone anytime, I just haven't been bothered because it's impossible to tell except on close inspection.