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Originally Posted by bazil769 View Post
Greatly appreciated Greenkirby21 & 631twentyeighteye. Greenkirby21 i was just checking out that thread when you suggested it, from what i see about the Depos v2's on EBAY is that the seller states that these headlights do not come with the bulb's (Note: Signal Light uses PY21W = 7507 Bulbs, bulbs are not included.). I wouldn't know which bulb to use whether LED Bulb, or halogen ? also i see that the inner housing is black and that the corner lamp is white do i have to get blub's for the corner lamps? or do the Depos come with them. Also from reading that other thread about the depos i realized that members were not happy that the V1's had uneven lighting in the ring which i see is addressed in the v2's which should make them perfect.

When you say my car does not have adaptive i understand that the lights are not moving like human eyes when i move my steering wheel like the bi xenon's but aren't they adaptive in the sense that the daytime running, fogs, and headlights come on based on the time of day and weather conditions? When i turn the knob on adaptive?
o okay, sorry for confusing you.

I believe that the bulbs that they do not provide (such as the turn signal bulb or high beams) you can just directly swap over from your OEM headlight bulbs. You could certainly buy your own (either LED or halogen) as long as they are the correct color(for legal reasons) and size. I believe others have replaced them with brighter LEDs(which you can find on ebay, you just need to find out what type they are).

The corner lamp is white, but the bulb itself must emit orange light just like your OEM for legal reasons I believe. The bulb itself is the exact same.

For adaptive, it SHOULD still work, but I don't have depos so I can't confirm it. All of this is just from what I have read/seen. I believe the ambient light sensor is located on the car itself, I think on the back side of the rear view mirror. The sensor is NOT on the headlights. Basically, when the sensor senses it is dark, it will turn on the correct lighting of the headlights and also turn on the interior gauge. So, you should still be fine such that if you place it in auto.

The only issue with putting the headlight on auto is that both your DRL and angel eyes will be on(which some people don't like as the DRL cuts out the angel eyes).

There are two options of fixing this(as stated above). You can either code it so that DRL becomes the angel eyes, or, you can just flip the switch into parking mode when you are driving during the day. That will just turn on just the angel eyes. The downside of that is that its no longer auto so when its dark you will have to hit the switch again.
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