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Originally Posted by anttmann View Post
Look man simple as this i built this car with no fuck given it scrapes its on 5k wheels with stretched tires and you know what i dont care simple as that lol if i hit a curb because my tires have no protection then i should probly sell my car because only girls hit curbs and yes you have to be careful of pothole but arent you supposed to be careful of those anyway lmao? What im saying is if your going to keep being a bmw purist and not respecting a little individuality then you can kindly fuck off and troll some other post
Yup stretched tires on CCW's is something that has not been done 10000000 times before. Maybe you should have gotten a Jetta instead so you can put a $5k set of useless wheels and tires on an otherwise useless car that was made to get from point a to b. My point is I hope the 1 series does not turn out to be the next GTI being "stanced" because I do not want to be associated with that scene.

Trust me I am no purist. My track car is a fully caged, widened E30 M3 with an LS7 power plant.