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Just a small update.

I ordered an ABS spoiler painted BSM from JBSPEED here on the forums. Shipping was very fast - I ordered last thursday or friday and got it yesterday, from taiwan. Customer service was also great.

There are a couple things I noticed. The spoiler is a VERY slightly different shape than the CF one I had. It looks almost the exact same, but there is a bit more of a slope where the spoiler meets the top of the trunk. Also, there is a very small ridge along the edges of the bottom side of the spoiler where you have to put the tape. This ridge is awesome because you can line the tape right up against it very easily and the tape won't peek out or anything while the spoiler will sit flush with the trunk lid. This made application very easy and helped ease my worries because my tape peeked out of my old spoiler.

A couple of negatives.. there is a very small smudge on the paint, though this isn't big enough for me to cause any issue over it. Also, the center area of the spoiler tends to lift up a little. I could probably fix this by applying some pressure for a while and letting the tape stick better, but the edges on this spoiler are very easy to get "right" which was a big problem I had on the previous spoiler - the edges kept wanting to lift up. I don't want to take a chance by pressing down in the center and having the edges pop back up and have to go through that nightmare again.

JBSPEED provided me with plenty of tape to line the edges of the spoiler, but I also stuck a big fat piece of my own tape right in the center to help hold everything down. I also used a heat gun to get the glue on the tape nice and sticky right before mounting, since I was doing this outside in the winter and everything was very cold. The heat gun really helped and everything stick nicely and very quickly.

All in all, for the price paid, you can't really beat this despite the couple of hiccups. All in all, JBSPEED is awesome!

Here's a pic, but I posted some more on my thread about this trunk/diffuser in the pictures section here:


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