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Originally Posted by SfValley335i View Post
God knows what fuel you ran on map7. And with jb4 some people like to play with settings which end up fudging things up.

Or you could be the very few that have issues with jb4 and didnt make proper power.

Comparing slips vs comparing dyno runs.... slips will have more variation compared to dyno runs.

And as I said jb4 makes more power up top compared to cobb ots.
Unless you are comparing the same car on the same dyno (and ideally the same day), comparing dyno runs is fairly useless. Do you have any slips showing the same car on the same dyno with a jb4 and then a cobb ots?

And what do you mean by 'makes more power up top'? More peak hp? More hp at higher rpms? Either way, those numbers do not necessarily tell the whole story.