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Originally Posted by trickcruiser View Post
For whatever reason, your car is no doubt loving the Cobb setup. I do not think there are many other Cobb guys out there running similar times though... Either way, your car is scooting!

There are always going to be some cars that benefit from unseen variables. For instance, HotRod was running mid 11's in the mid 120's with stock turbos!!! HOW THE !@!$#@

Anyways, just for the record, I am running 265/30/19 Continental Extreme Contact DW's. Really good street tire and I will buy them again but I have cut a handful of 1.8's with my stock run-flats! But that was a much hotter day, headwind, waaaaaa, waaaaaa, waaaaaaa so my runs were in the low 12's...
Thank you! The point I was trying to make is that every car is different and thus will react differently with different tunes. What may work out for one person may not work out for another and vice versa. There are other Cobb cars out there running in the 11's, but they are protuned by PTF and they aren't using meth either. I will say that I did miss Terry's customer service though.

As of right now I don't have Cobb, but will surely pick up another unit sometime down the road for some more fun. Oh, and I will definitely look into the same tires that you have as I have heard great things about them. The runflats are ok in warm weather, but in the cold its really hard to hook up with them.

For those who are on the fence regarding either tune, just try them out and pick the one you like. Return the one you don't like and get your money back if you are buying new as they both have a money back guarantee.