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Originally Posted by CL 19 View Post
Okay. Is that possible to search icarbon? I know icarbon had been out of business. Anyone know how icarbon fits?

Yes, I know its not too obvious but I'm looking for something that fit perfectly first and if I'm desperate I will buy one from ebay. Any specific recommendation from ebay?

For scopione, how do you adjust it to fits?
I have the scopione diffuser. Only the first generation production set has the fitment problem. What I had to do was use a dremmel to file down the tabs on the diffuser so they can fit into the slots on the body of the car. Newer scopione diffusers don't have that issue; it should fit fine (probably slightly better than eBay ones, but also a little more expensive). You can see some pics of it a few posts down in this cosmetics sub-forum. Now that it's on and the tabs are fine, it sits completely flush and has pretty much OEM fitment.

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