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Found the gas milage solution lol

Just wanted to bring this full circle and let everyone know I found a solution to my fuel Economy haha. Just picked this up a few days ago. In the states we had the 318ti hatch but in Europe they also has a 1.6 liter 316ti. Exactly the same just a bit smaller engine and still has just as much get up and go as the 318. Only been driving it around town and no highway yet but already have gone twice the distance on a quarter tank that I could in the 1. Now THIS is efficiency dynamics BMW lol. Again didn't mean to sound like I was bitching about the 1s mpg I know it's made for performance and is thirsty and that's fine. But I think mines a bit worse as I only do short trips and hardly ever highway cuz I live so close to work and gas here is outrageous with the conversion rate. Also I can park this anywhere and not care. People here will hit bump and scratch your car and not think twice. I'd be sick if my 1er was a victim.