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My 2009 vert has taupe interior. It is not a daily driver, I also have a SUV with black interior. I don't think the taupe is any more difficult to keep looking good. Black shows dirt too. Mainly I just vacumn it out when the crud level gets unacceptable. Periodically I use an interior cleaner with a brush on the areas I touch all the time - mainly the arm rests. My interior is leatherette and the dirt in these body contact areas gets down into the graining so the brush is necessary. After cleaning I apply a vinyl protector. I only do this once or twice a year. If it was a daily driver, maybe I'd have to do it three or four times a year. But I think I would still have to do it with a darker color. I've also used carpet cleaner on the mats once or twice. In almost 4 years. They are also taupe.

I have the BMW carpet mats and they are fairly nice. But when they wear out I will get something different. I am thinking of the Coco mats although they are pricey. Bavarian has carpet mats that look like they are significantly nicer than the BMW ones. Just thought I would mention an observation on BMW mats.

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