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Originally Posted by SfValley335i View Post
I'll say it for the last time, COBB ots tune makes LESS TOP END POWER compared to JB4.

As you said "SIMILAR" DA could be a reason why one day the car runs a little faster than another day. Or it could be track prep, possibly even the launch.

There are dyno's out there of a cobb ots vs jb4, off the same car, same day and Jb4 makes MORE TOP END POWER than the cobb ots.
So now you are arguing/questioning again RnmEvo09's results? lol.

4mph is not a 'little bit faster' and trap speed is not really that affected by launch.


Really this 'discussion' started with your asinine comment stating: "if you want power get JB4, if your a brand whore get cobb".

Even if jb4 makes more peak hp (which is what I think you mean when you say 'top end'), it is still an especially silly comment given Terry is now selling the cobb unit and has created his own map to help deal with fueling issues and such for higher hp applications.