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Originally Posted by SfValley335i
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Actually you were sort of arguing. Lol. You suggested he may have not been using the proper fuel, or that he may have been playing with the jb4 settings and fudged things up, or even that he may have had a bad jb4.

The slips don't show power? Maybe not actual numbers, but how else do explain, if not more power, such higher trap speeds on the same car, same track, similar da?

I'll say it for the last time, COBB ots tune makes LESS TOP END POWER compared to JB4.

As you said "SIMILAR" DA could be a reason why one day the car runs a little faster than another day. Or it could be track prep, possibly even the launch.

There are dyno's out there of a cobb ots vs jb4, off the same car, same day and Jb4 makes MORE TOP END POWER than the cobb ots.
Actually I disagree. They make very comparable power.