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Originally Posted by JimD View Post
My 2009 vert has taupe interior. It is not a daily driver, I also have a SUV with black interior. I don't think the taupe is any more difficult to keep looking good. Black shows dirt too. Mainly I just vacumn it out when the crud level gets unacceptable. Periodically I use an interior cleaner with a brush on the areas I touch all the time - mainly the arm rests. My interior is leatherette and the dirt in these body contact areas gets down into the graining so the brush is necessary. After cleaning I apply a vinyl protector. I only do this once or twice a year. If it was a daily driver, maybe I'd have to do it three or four times a year. But I think I would still have to do it with a darker color. I've also used carpet cleaner on the mats once or twice. In almost 4 years. They are also taupe.

I have the BMW carpet mats and they are fairly nice. But when they wear out I will get something different. I am thinking of the Coco mats although they are pricey. Bavarian has carpet mats that look like they are significantly nicer than the BMW ones. Just thought I would mention an observation on BMW mats.

Very good info -- thanks, Jim. BTW, I had regular Coco Mats in my last car and I have their sisal mats in my current car. I know some people don't like them style-wise, but I think they are fantastic. They never move or curl, the build quality seems indestructible and they never seem to get dirty (even ignoring the fact that mine are dark). Here are my current sisal mats:

Whether I go Taupe or Savanna, I'm getting another set of Coco Mats for sure.