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Originally Posted by BenDiem View Post
^^^ I have the taupe leatherette in both of my BMWs. I did this for the following reasons.

1. I prefere lighter interiors b/c they stay cooler in hot/humid conditions.
2. I used to only order leather interiors, but when I compared leatherette interiors in BMW and MB, to leather interiors in most other vehicles, I felt the German leatherette is of high quality, feel, and durability. If it were not for the leather smell, most passengers would not even know you have leatherette interior over leather.
3. Cleaning the interior is easy. Any leather/leatherette cleaner will do the job. I clean them about twice a year. No big deal.
4. I always purchase black floor mats when I order light interiors. No issues. I usually clean up any dirt on the lighter carpeted area, upon detecting unsightly dirt/grime. Any carpet cleaner will do the job. No big deal...
5. In my opinion, you just can't beat BMW or MB leatherette.
6. Generally, BMW owners are more particular with their cars. We tend to keep our cars clean, and we care more about maintaining them and cleaning them, than other brand owners, do we not? If this were not the case, we'd all own a lesser expensive vehicle, eh...

I agree that the leatherette offerings from Mercedes and BMW are quite good, though I'd say Mercedes' is a bit better. If I could get the Premium Package without leather, I'd probably do that, but that's not an option AFAIK.

Though I don't need or want everything in the Premium Package, I do need lumbar support -- BMW's seats without lumbar support hurt my lower back -- and I'm consistently disappointed that BMW retains such a basic comfort and ergonomic necessity for one of their expensive packages. Lumbar support should really be standard on every BMW, but it's not, so leather it is for me.