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Originally Posted by SfValley335i
Originally Posted by b1aze View Post
You quoted the "stage 2" picture. If you look 1 set of pictures down, you will see that "stage 2+" makes more power than the JB4 map2.

Don't give me this "but cobbs stage 2 is better than JB4 stage2" because "stage" is all bullshit. You have no idea of the targets or intentions of each stage. On the exact same car, stage2+ made more power than the JB4 did. Period.

And Map6 is a custom tuning map. Which in my eyes is the equivalent of a "pro tune" on Cobb.

You're comparing map6 to a real tuning software thats used to protune cars? haha Thats a good laugh!

You obviously dont know what your talking about.
I'm not saying they are equal. What I am saying is the Map6 requires user inputs and targets. It's not just an "OTS map" like the map1&2 are as well as the stg1,2 and their variants are. You still aren't denying that Stg2+ aggressive makes more power than any OTS JB4 map makes.

I still don't see what your dog in this fight is.