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Originally Posted by Robin_NL View Post
OK. But can't it just be your neighbours but just an idiot who did that?
It happened to me more than I can count on one hand since I 've had my driving licence('88) and it weren't the neighbours. Never. Just drunk/lazy/jealouse idiots.

Normally, I would agree with you (this is the only reason I leave 10% doubt and haven't confronted her). However, the damage was most likely done in the morning and was done on the rear driver side quarter panel (only part except the rear of the car that I can't see from the condo) directly under a parking lot light. Additionally, I have overheard this particular neighbor bitching to her college age daughter about my wife's or my car on two occasions.

Also, see Exhibit 1 below. This picture was taken at lunch about a month ago between going to the gym and a meeting. Note that front row (the second row starts to the left of the picture) of the parking lot was empty except for one car several spaces to the left of where the 1M is parked. My neighbor parks right on top of my car while I was watching (almost hitting it and me almost choking on my sandwich). Also, note that the space the neighbor is in (also the space where I was keyed) is about 1.33x the size of a normal space (because it is on the end). She has actually gotten much closer (if you can believe it) to my wife's car.
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