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Originally Posted by meg180 View Post
I had one of the last N54's (w/ steptronic trans) and was lucky enough to never have a problem with fuel pumps. LOL I loved the car though, it was my first BMW. (had two mini's before so everything felt fast) When I drove my husbands previous 335 (N55), it seemed like my N54 got to the power faster? (could be wrong, just felt that way)
Now we just compare the 135is and his M3.
How's the 135is compare to the Mini and which one did you have? I was considering a Mini Roadster JCW for a bit and am very curious what you think about it compared to the 135is. I'm guessing you didn't have the JCW model though, which is quite a bit faster than even the S models. I think what really kept me from going with the MINI was that it's front wheel drive and I've spent so much time and money learning how to drive RWD really well that I feel like I'd have to learn how to drive all over again. And I also was slightly uncomfortable with the torque steer (the steering wheel jumping around when you floor it). The super light 2,690 lbs. curb weight is definitely enticing though! The JCW has a 208HP engine, which is exactly the same as my Jeep and the MINI is almost 2,000 lbs. lighter!