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Labor on the oil change and spark plugs seems kind of ridiculous. They will already have the car on a lift and the under tray removed in order to install the FMIC. From there, the oil change will take maximum of 15 minutes. The engine cover will be removed for the intake cleaning so they will have access to the coil packs & spark plugs. Pulling the coil packs and replacing the plugs should take another 15 minutes. Before making a fuss, consider whether they cut you slack on the FMIC install labor and intake cleaning. Also, keep in mind that everyone is entitled to make a reasonable profit and you don't want to piss them off just before handing them your keys. I may point out the over lapping labor charges, not squabble about the price, but ask them to take extra special care when doing the job. This way if they come back with some additional charges you can remind them that they were overpaid in the first place.

Just a thought... Aside from the intake cleaning, there is nothing on that list you can't accomplish by yourself in one afternoon with a metric socket set from kmart, a pair of jack stands and a BMW spark plug socket.