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bmw sudbury

So i brought my car to the dealership the other day to get a coolant flush and a turn signal bulb replacement and for some weird idle issues i have been having. Bring the car in with a quarter tank and when i go to pick up its left with lines showing under 0 miles left.

I Ask my SA what the deal is and he says there is a gas station half a mile dow and i should make it. Well i didn't and my car ran out of gas. I then have to have someone drive me to get gas, fill the car, and bring it back to the dealer because it is in limp mode and now has a cel.

I take the rental car back to work and go to try and pick my car up again 2 days later. This time I'm backing my car out and all of a sudden a warning light for my adaptive head lights come on and my left low beam is out.

At this point i am pissed so i open the hood and both headlight covers are open and unclipped up front. Essentially meaning that my car was outside like this during a recent snowstorm from the day before.

Now the dealership is trying to tell me that because i have Angel Eyes this is what caused the problem, not the fact that some tech forgot to close my headlight caps. What should i do? My car is out of warranty and i know for a fact those caps where sealed as i got the special order caps from alpine and just recently cleaned by engine bay before service.

Also my first attempt to get my car back with the low gas had no light for adaptive steering.

Anyone have a hook up here? Or possibly a AHL MODULE FORE SALE