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Map 2 runs 14.5psi. JB4 autotuning map 5 can go up to 17.5psi if conditions allow. Those dynos were on an old G4 board anyway. Not exactly comparable to the new G5 ISO stuff. But even so, as I said before, you can tune both to make the same power. It's all in the settings used.

Nice post. Pretty funny the way SfValley335i wants to call Cobb users brand whores but then comes off as the best example I've ever seen of a brand whore myself . All respect to Terry and all he does for the community, but his product, as good as it is, is still just one good choice among many.

To OP, I've had both myself. I took out JB4 last September in prep for a dealer visit and put Cobb in afterwards. I am completely happy with Cobb, I think with the OTS, race, and E85 maps available along with ATR for user tweaks it is a very nice setup that suits my needs. Overall it just comes down to features. You get a mix of control between both, the one thing I do miss from JB is the 1st and 2nd gear boost limits, but still like what I have now. In my opinion Cobb has seemed more consitant pull to pull, with my last JB comparison being maps from last August. You asked about DP's adding power to Cobb, they will help, but really need those and FMIC to be able to run the best maps from Cobb. Stage 2+ aggressive is pretty impressive without any tweaking, but there is room for users to pull more out of it if they want with ATR.
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