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Not sure where you guys are shopping, but my gun store sells 556/223 at 50 cents a round all day long.

Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
Thanks! Yes indeed, they are the best. Most fun gun to shoot ever. I'm going to keep one, mod it up a bit more, then call it a day. I say forgot all the "evil" looking nasty rifles, and get one of these. Way more useful for home defense, and will NEVER jam or malfunction. The M4 of mine below has cycled over 5k shells in the past 4 years, and never had a single jam or malfunction since I purchased it new. This thing is far more devasting up close than any rifle imho. Check out how you can make an M4 look, here's a pic of one of my other ones!
What US made parts did you swap on there?
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