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Originally Posted by ilikebmxbikes View Post
I did the OCC install. The stock hoses are a pain in the ass. The clips do not want to unhook and they can break easily. Like you, the hoses had to be muscled on. My hoses were actually a bit too short, so I went to an automotive shop and got new one.

after 3k miles my OCC had zero oil in it.
Originally Posted by 1speedbike View Post
I didn't think the DCIs were that bad but the OCC was the most annoyingly stupidly difficult DIY I've ever done. The hoses are annoying, the space is so tight back there and nothing wants to fit, the engine cover does NOT want to stay on after installing it, and a million other things. All of that effort, and my OCC has trapped maybe 30 mL (being generous.. seriously just a few drops) of oil in the 6 months it's been on. What a waste.
Thanks to you two, among others, for more than convincing me that the OCC is a waste of time and money.