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Glad to see there are some 125/128 fans out there, great car.

So we brought the thing home, wife drove, I followed (it's her can after all), and we get home and she's having all sorts of trouble getting used to the clutch. She's been driving manuals all her life and would rather gouge her own eyes out with a plastic spoon than drive an auto. And she's good too, so she asked me if it's normal. So i took it for a drive, and it really was horrible. The take up and engagement was all over the place. She came back from the shops and said she was bunny hopping all over the carpark for the first time ever. Felt like she's forgotten how to control her left leg.

Then I remembered the CDV. Did some research to see if these had them. I took mine off the 1M and it was an improvement.

So up she went and off came the valve. Bled the clutch and back on the ground.

I called her out and said, let's take her for a drive. What a difference!! She just got in and drove it smooth. She was so pleased, so I took over and my word, the difference was so completely clear that it seemed like a different car. Just such a pleasure to drive now. I know I just changed the topic a little but I enjoyed it before we bought it, now it's just superb.