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Originally Posted by blutattoo View Post
If you have a Cayman track car you're in for a surprise, but maybe not in a good way. Good news tons of torque. Bad news everything else not quite as good as a Cayman. Grip can be addressed with tires without sacrificing much else in terms of drivability. For the track/street R-S3's or if you've got the coin track only Hoosier R6's 245/35/18 squared.

If you want to eliminate most of the understeer then consider the full M3/1M conversion minus the strut tower brace. It won't affect livability on the street too much and you can dial in some negative camber (about 1.25 deg.). If you want you can set the toe out a bit to give you quicker turn in, but it makes it a little darty for daily driving. You can then either do coil-overs or spring/shock combo (less expensive). I'm not aware of any adj. sway bars for the 1. They may be out there, but I'm not sure.

Lastly brakes. This is a heavy car, especially in comparison to a Cayman, so the brakes would need to be addressed for track duty. There are a couple of DIY fixes for cooling the brakes, but I'd swap the pads/lines/fluid at a minimum.

After that you'd have a pretty darn quick track day car. Keep in mind that our cars cool themselves ok in stock trim, but the stock intercooler is not that good for track day stuff. When you address the power which is easy with a tune cooling may be needed in conjunction with the tune to keep heat soak at bay while on the track.

My .02 cents tires 1st susp. 2nd brakes 3rd power/cooling/lsd last. Of course you could always say screw it throw on a JB4, run e85, and drift around the whole track. That'd be fun too.
Thanks Blutattoo

I'm loving the torque for sure and enjoying driving it around town a lot.
I ran it yesterday at the track, on stock runflats and it wouldn't turn, I worked with tire pressures but still it wouldn't turn. I was wishing for some -camber and some adjustable sway bars. I had no braking issues, accept lack of tire grip. I didn't have any heat issues with the engine or brakes.

I know these issues can be fixed, but I don't want to build a second race car.
At first I was thinking just springs, but then theres no height adjustment or corner balancing, shock travel. I'm hoping some of the 1Addicts may have some experience, insight into the lower end coilovers and can steer me in the right direction. Do we know the stock spring rates and the rates of any of the kits?

I would really like some adjustable sway bars, anybody know of any?

As far as the weight, its not that different, when I was TTing the Cayman it was 3200 LBs, I even raced it at the weight for a year in 2008. Now it's gutted and fully caged at 2600 LBs not street able.
Tighten the tire belt, thats part of the 135's duty. I'm going to try Hankook Z214 on the Cayman, I have been running Hoosiers, for the 135 most likely NT-01s.
If you think Hoosiers are bad try Yoko slicks 1800+ Michelins are more, and good for only a weekend.

Thanks again