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Originally Posted by Simon930 View Post
Why did you unplug the 02 sensors?
You should of just unscrewed them and left them hanging
Originally Posted by Freon View Post
A lot of the time it's a lot easier to unclip a weatherpack connector than to unscrew an O2 sensor. O2 sensor threads get dirty from exhaust particulates so they take some effort, it usually requires a big wrench (hard to fit an open ended 22-24mm wrench inside a packed engine bay, or even with an articulated wrench get the leverage), and you have to twist the wire many turns. To unclip a wire you often can do it with a finger nail or small flat blade screw driver then just pull.
^That pretty much sums it up. The sensors can either be a pain and a lot of broken skin on the knuckles or relatively easy by just unsnapping the clips and boom, everything comes out easy.

I fixed up everything. The rear o2 sensors (as I mentioned before) will only fit in the one they are supposed to. However, the upper ones are universal for whatever reason and it turns out that those were switched. It really is amazing what will happen to the car when they are switched around. It was, however, strange because the plug that has to go further is actually shorter so I had to reroute it a little bit but all is well now.