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a quick question for 130i's
What water temps do you get when your driving around town in start stop traffic?

It currently sits at 80C in traffic, (hovering around 78-84), on freeway > 100kmh it goes to 95-97C. I'm thinking its abit cold to be honest.

you can get to them via (from another website):
"Put key into car but dont hit any pedals, and press start.
Hold reset for ten seconds (on cluster next to speedo)
once into menu your vin will be displayed vn12345 (simply add you vin together ie 1+2+3+4+5=15).
Hold reset for another 3 seconds until 01.__ is displayed
Now press reset 19 times until onto menu 19
once on 19 "lock on" is displayed and then "00" when you see 00 quickly press reset the number of times your vin adds too, ie 15.
display should read "lock on 15" then will disappear back to 01.00.
hold down reset for another 3 seconds until 01.-- is displayed then press reset 7 times to goto menu 7
Once in menu 7 your real time coolant temps are displayed.
Start your car (note turn off the car will undo the above)