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Fixing rear end issue.....

I know I read about this somewhere on here before but after searching for 2 days I can't find it. Maybe I'm putting in the wrong key words or just over looking it but this is the issue:

My '12 135i 6 spd goes left and right while under WOT. I can't exactly remember if the car did it before I had up'd the tires to 225s/255s since I've been deployed for a year. Under any type of driving it doesn't do this but only under WOT. I wanted to read and see what the "fix" would be for this, I was thinking it was the upgrade the rear to some M3 components since I believe this was a somewhat known thing on some 1 series. If someone could just point me in the right direction that would be search-fuu/google-fuu isn't working to well. Thanks.