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Originally Posted by Rhys Jones View Post
That diameter will likely rub on the vent at the front of the wheel housing.255/40- 18 should work but will increase your speedo error.I tracked my car on stock tires at Grattan and felt it could use more grip all round but esp the rear.If you want square and no rub I'd go 265/35-18 in toyo r888.
Harold at sells those wheels and is probably your best authority. Contact him
Yes, too large, not width wise, but diameter wise!

35 series is the way to go in 245. 255 and 265 widths.

Originally Posted by ///BYU View Post
You're right--265/35R18 would be a better fit than 265/40R18. That was a mistake on my part. Anyway, I have time to figure out my tire decision; I'm not really worried about that at this point.

What I could use help with is my question about the wheel offsets. I want to get the ARC-08 wheels in 18x9.5". The two offsets available are ET35 and ET22.

ET35: This what I'm leaning toward. With the help of spacers (5mm front and 12mm rear), I can get the wheels almost back to the exact OE centerline - within 1mm in front and 2mm rear. The only downside is that it requires spacers to make this correction, but I really like that I can pretty much get the wheels right back to where there are with the stock setup. I don't want to change the geometry any more than I already am by going to an 18" square setup.

ET22: The downside with this setup is that it pushes the wheel centerline out from the OE geometry, adding 0.7 inches of width in the front (9mm on each side). I know a lot of people like the fact that this wheel widens the front track, but it's still a change compared to the OE geometry.

Both setups have their pros and cons, I guess. It's just a matter of which square setup is best overall for what I'm trying to do.
You just answered your own question with regards to offset.